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Our IT recruitment network and people we find

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As one of Australia’s most experienced systems integrators, we know how critical it is to work alongside someone who not only matches the job description but can work well within a particular environment.


IBT has leveraged its experience of complex integration service delivery to develop a truly practical and highly successful recruiting process. Our method ensures that we find the right people to meet our client’s requirements, often in market conditions where others have failed.

We have built an extensive network of experienced technical and functional consultants, program & project managers, developers and business analysts. Many are known first-hand having worked directly on IBT projects. That being said, candidates are assessed the same way as if they were potential employees of IBT, including technical ability and behavioural characteristics.

  • We are experienced in the population of entire project teams, ad-hoc engagements for BAU, Support and Project initiatives, as well as dedicated search for permanent staff requirements.
  • We can provide resource assistance and/or advice in every area of the IT organizational chart, including various functional and cross-functional business unit areas.
  • We have experience in and a network from which to recruit all roles up to and including, C-level management positions.


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Our Guarantee

Our Recruiting team will introduce a high calibre candidate that you will want to employ within 7 business days of receiving the role

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IT Executive Search

With more than 75 years combined experience of the Australian IT sector, IBT’s network extends far and wide. Our Search methodology leverages IBT’s intellectual property and community, offering clients a discreet, efficient and affordable service that guarantees results




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Permanent Contingent

For organisations looking to hire the best available in the market, be they a CIO, Program Manager or Helpdesk Support, IBT’s permanent recruitment search methodology can help

We operate a transparent service and work closely with clients to develop a full specification, long and short lists and manage the process through to offer and beyond.



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IBT provides contract resources in all areas of the IT department, extending to functional and cross-functional business units.

Rates can be negotiated in cases where IBT joins a supply panel or similar arrangement. We have experience in recruiting all roles up to and including senior management positions.


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Some case studies

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Compliance Change Manager


  • Restricted budget
  • Challenging geographic location
  • Non-negotiable experience requirement across PCI/DSS Compliance

The client had been unable to fill this role through its preferred suppliers due in part to the rare combination of ‘must-have’ requirements. IBT commenced an exhaustive network-based search and located two qualified candidates, one of whom was offered the role within hours of interview

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Australian Insurance Client “]

Hyperion EssBase Analyst

IBT introduces 5 candidates in 6 days, resulting in 4 interviews with one winning the role.

Despite recruiting primarily in the Oracle/PeopleSoft space for this client, we were notified of a permanent role they were having great difficulty filling in their Finance, BI/Reporting team. After gathering the details and interviewing the hiring managers, IBT initiated a network-based sourcing strategy in conjunction with generic advertising and was able to quickly introduce five candidates. Four were interviewed, one of whom was hired.

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Major University”]

“We are mid-upgrade, under-resourced and behind schedule”

As part of our ongoing business development process we engaged with a higher education client who was in the midst of a badly failing systems upgrade. After quickly arranging some discovery meetings we were able to source and engage a team of experienced, seasoned consultants to join the project team, providing key expertise and direction. The upgrade was salvaged and the project was brought quickly back online and seen through to completion.

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Banking and Finance Institution “]

IBT sourced and supplied a complete testing team ahead of schedule and under budget

A long standing client in the banking and finance industry informed us they needed to rapidly engage and deploy a functional testing team to work on-site for the duration of a large-scale HR and Payroll Systems upgrade. Once again we were able to leverage our extensive network of consultants and market resources, assembling a team led by IBT Director and HCM Practice Manager, Ron Bailie, that was deployed speedily and remained on the project through to completion.

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Major NSW Utility “]

The Client required an elite-level, multi-tool programmer with Client-facing experience and clear communication skills.

We already had a relationship with this client as a provider of professional services and they came to our Head of Recruitment after failing to locate the person they needed, using their panel suppliers. The real challenges included;

  • Remote geographic location
  • Non-negotiable requirement for client-facing experience

The resource was well-aware of his value in the market, which did not align with the Client’s budget. Despite this, our Recruitment Head devised a value proposition that led the parties to agree a 12 month contract.

Once again, we were able to leverage our network to locate this very rare resource and then make the introduction.

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Australian Media Organization”]

BA with PeopleSoft and TM1 experience

This role was very challenging indeed. The skill-set requirement was non-negotiable and the budgetary constraint was significant. Through our networking process, we were able to locate and introduce a strong candidate and after some negotiation with the client, a deal was struck and the candidate was engaged. Our Head of Recruitment firmly believes that “all roles should be pursued until filled or withdrawn.”

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Multi-National Insurance Client “]

Cisco UCCE Architect

In a climate where the Client’s major vendors and recruitment agencies were unable to source the requisite skill-set, IBT was able to locate and introduce two exceptional candidates in just 48 hours. Following first round interviews, we negotiated a 12 month contract for one of these candidates at a cost-to-hire roughly 25% below client expectation. The candidate has recently been extended for another 12 months.

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”Web Services and Retail POS Vendor”]

Client-facing .Net developer

This was easily the longest and most exhaustive search and placement we have processed. The client was a medium-sized consultancy who had been searching for a very particular type of person to compliment their small team. .Net skills along with various other technical requirements were necessary but this was much more about team-fit and communication skills. Our Head of Recruitment met with the client on several occasions in order to help develop the target profile. Finally, after several candidate introductions over a seven week period, the client added what they termed ‘an exceptional person’ to their dynamic young team.

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