Ask Jebin – Deleting Incorrect CSV Data

Ask Jebin – Deleting Incorrect CSV Data


Common Question: “Oops, I just imported some records into NetSuite via the CSV import, can we just delete them in one go or can I just delete that imported file in a single click?” or “I would like to import some data into Netsuite for now, but if I feel that it’s incorrect, can I just delete it later on in one click”

Only answer: No, there is no one-click delete or undo for those CSV imported data.

If multiple records with data loaded through the CSV import are incorrect, you must delete each record one at a time. No mass delete option is provided at this time.

However, you can speed up the process of deleting the field data, instead of having to edit the data inline one field at a time.

Delete date via Inline Edit: (your role might not have the permission to do this, so always check with your administrator or do it from an administrator role)

1) Create a saved search to list out those records which you imported.

You could use the below criteria:
If its a transaction:
Source: CSV
Date Created:
Main Line: True


If it’s an Entity:

Date Created:

System Notes…Context: CSV

System Notes… Type: Create

Click on Preview or Save and Run and see if that’s the required data, else add more conditions under the Criteria to fine-tune your results. Do not proceed to the next step until you are sure that the data in the preview is the one you want to delete.

2) In the Results page, turn on Inline Editing:

3) Select an editable element, in the first row,

4) Select a batch to delete:

  • Hold the Shift key then mouse-click the last line within the column to Delete the entire batch. The selected column will display a dotted border when selected.
  • Hold the Ctrl key then mouse-click on specific lines within the column to only delete specific records from the list

5) With all of those fields in the column highlighted, choose Delete Record from the menu on the left.

6) Click OK from the pop-up warning to continue.

Well, if you find this tricky, confusing, challenging or scary, we are always here to help.



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