Ask Jebin – Find Internal ID_Record and Field

Ask Jebin – Find Internal ID_Record and Field


You might come across a situation, for e.g. saved search or script or workflow or templates or even for support purposes.,  where you might need the internal ID of a record or a field. How do we do that?

First, we make sure the below is done.

  • Go to Home -> Set Preferences.
  • Click the General tab and then click the Show Internal IDs check box.
  • Click Save.


Internal ID of a Field:

With Show Internal IDs enabled, you can also view internal field IDs for both standard and custom fields, by clicking the field label in the UI.

When the Show Internal IDs preference is enabled, internal IDs for each custom field are displayed in the Internal ID column of a custom field page. For example, to see the internal IDs for custom Transaction body fields, go to Customization -> Lists, Records, & Fields -> Transaction Body Fields. The ID column appears in the list of custom fields, as shown in the figure.


Internal ID of a Record:

A record’s internal ID is unique and associated with the record at the time it is created. After the Show Internal IDs preference is enabled, the internal IDs for each record are displayed in the Internal ID column of record lists.



Tip: If the Show Internal IDs preference is NOT enabled, or if the internal IDs are not displayed on a particular page within NetSuite, you can see the internal ID for a record by hovering over a link to that record. The internal ID is displayed as a parameter in the URL in the browser status bar.

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