Ask IBT – Make a File accessible externally

Ask IBT – Make a File accessible externally

Hello there,

Users can make files from File Cabinet accessible also to those who do not have access to NetSuite. Well, basically what that allows you to do is provide a link to the file on your email template or your website or your email signature etc. which allows a non-NetSuite user to view or download the file.

This is how we do it:

1. As Administrator, Go to Documents -> Files -> File Cabinet.

2. Locate the file in question.

3. Click Edit.

4. Check Available without Login.

5. Save.

In order to get the link to this file to use it on or for your external documents, you can copy the URL shown in the file.

If it’s an image file, you would notice 3 links, use the 3rd link (the one which starts with https://system)
Now that you have an idea of File cabinets, what’s stopping you from going paperless? 😊

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