Ask Jebin – Order confirmation email

Ask Jebin – Order confirmation email


A common question I get is ” Can I send a fulfillment email to the customer as soon as the order is fulfilled?”.

The answer is Yes and let NetSuite do it for you. NetSuite lets you send a confirmation email message to customers when you fulfill their orders.


Where is the setting?

  1. Go to Setup -> Accounting -> Preferences -> Accounting Preferences (Administrator).
  2. Click the Order Management subtab.
  3. Under Fulfillment, check the Send Order Fulfilled Confirmation Emails box.
  4. Click Save.



When does it send the email?

When you process an order, NetSuite sends an email message to the customer email address on the sales order, indicating the total quantity shipped.

  • If you do not use the Advanced Shipping feature, the email message is sent when the order is billed.
  • If you use the Advanced Shipping feature, the email message is sent when the order is fulfilled.
  • If you use the Pick, Pack, and Ship feature, the email message is sent when the order is shipped.

How do we customize this email template?

Go to Setup -> Accounting -> Preferences -> Customize Fulfillment Email (Administrator).

In the Customization column, enter the text you want to use.

The Default Text column displays the HTML source code for the fulfillment email message. The blank fields in the Customization column are for your customized version of the fulfillment email message.

Depending on how familiar you are with HTML and CSS, it might be easier to copy the HTML from the Default Text column to the Customization column and then change the customized text to suit your business needs.

Click Save once you are done.

Now, when an order is fulfilled, the customer receives an email message that contains the information you want to communicate about the order.



How can I preview one of these emails once I am done editing the email template?

To test the template, edit an existing customer record with an item fulfillment transaction then change the email address or use a transaction which has a test customer,  after which,  edit the item fulfillment transaction then click on the Resend Order Fulfillment Email. This will send a copy of the Order Fulfillment email.



Well, mine looks something like this



Some interesting points?

1) If you use the Web store feature, you have some additional options available for the Order Fulfilment email. Let me know if you need more details on this.

2) NetSuite does not have a preference to limit the fulfillment emails from being sent to selected customers. As an alternate solution, you may remove the customer’s email address in the To Be E-mailed field found in the related Sales Order since this is where the Order Fulfillment Email is actually sent.

I hope the above helps.

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