Ask Jebin – The “Permissions” trick

Ask Jebin – The “Permissions” trick


A very common question that I get from power or end users, is “How do I know what permissions I need while creating a custom role or while editing an existing custom role or customizing a standard role? “, or expressions like “Digging through NetSuite’s endless permission documentation is a pain, or “Do I have to go to Suite Answers for finding the right one?”


Well, let me show you a trick that could help you determine exactly what permission you’re looking for in less than a minute

What you need for this is  

  • An Administrator role access or a role that already has access to that function or page you’re looking for.
  • The access to the role that’s missing the missing functionality and needs to have it added.

As an example, let’s figure out what permissions you need to access the Invoice functionality.


Ok, this is what we will do.

  1. I am going to access the “Invoice” page from my Administrator role.
  2. Next, I’ll select and copy the URL from my browser using Ctrl+C or right clicking and selecting copy.
  4.  Now, I’ll login to the role that needs access to the Invoice functionality.
  5. 4. Finally, I am going to paste the copied URL into the browser at the top and press Enter. Look what happens.



This will try to redirect me to that same page in my new role and should result in an error message. The permission you need is plainly spelled out right there.



Now, I just add the permission with the right level in my new or custom role. How do I that?

  1. Log back into your Administrator role.
  2. Go to Setup -> Users/ Roles -> Manage Roles
  3. Edit the custom role
  4. In our case, we will go the Transactions sub tab and we’re going to add “Invoice “permission with the level “Full”
  5. Save.

Wow, pretty easy right. Give it a try and see how it goes.

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