Ask Jebin – Shortcuts pt.2

Ask Jebin – Shortcuts pt.2

Q: Does NetSuite have any keyboard shortcuts? – Part 2

Global search and prefix – Part 1 basically looks into the prefixes that can be used in the global search.

But how can we use this global search more effectively?  Let’s see some tips on that:

Wildcard Searches:

The % symbol is a wildcard. It will expand the matches to a wide string of characters. This is particularly useful to avoid returning extremely large sets when entering purely numeric keywords.

  • If you enter cu:Jef only customer with customer number Jef is returned.
  • If you enter cu:jef%, all customers with numbers starting with Jef are returned eg Jeffersons
  • Or %Jef% to show any record with Jef are returned e.g. Thomas and Jeffersons

3 Characters long and up to 32 Characters or less

Use keywords that are at least 3 characters long. Use more specific keywords that contain 3 or more characters. Searching by shorter keywords or keywords that are not unique may not return the results you expect when searching over a large amount of data.

Keep keyword length to 32 characters or less. Keywords with a greater number of characters may cause a failure to find matching results.

Inactive record search:

Append a to your keywords to include inactive records in a global search.

  • Enter cu:Abig+ to search for both active and inactive customers with records containing the letters Abig.

To always include inactive records, go to Home -> Set Preferences, click the Analytics subtab, and check the Include Inactives in Global and Quick Search box.

Multiple text string searches with “OR”

Search for multiple text strings at the same time. You can use OR as a separator in keywords, to search for multiple text strings.

  • Enter ABI OR BOSTON OR SPORTS to search for records containing any of these three strings in one search.
  • Note that OR must be uppercase for it to be recognised as a separator.

Well, lot more tips on Global search available but I think that should do for now.

I think that should give you an idea of how powerful NetSuite’s Global search functionality is.

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