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Agile Data Warehousing


Build a new data warehouse. Migrate an existing data warehouse to a new platform. Expand an existing data warehouse with new data feeds. Generate data marts for lines of business. Prototype, perform ad hoc analytics and testing

Automate the process of creating data warehouses and data marts with no manual ETL coding

The Challenges


Data Warehousing needs are evolving quickly. Business requirements are constantly changing,  new sources of data are increasing and there is tremendous pressure to deliver meaningful insights quickly to the business. This requires adopting a more agile process for data warehousing – from design and implementation to deployment and maintenance.

Traditional methods of designing, developing, and implementing data warehouses consume prohibitively large amounts of time and resources. The multi-month, error-prone ETL development effort to set up a data warehouse – typically 60-80% of prep time – often means that the data model is out-of-date before the BI project even starts.

Modifying these brittle data warehouses causes more delays, ties up skilled resources and delays project ROI. In short, data warehouses become a bottleneck as much as an enabler of analytics. To speed time to analytics, the data warehouse creation and management life-cycle must be streamlined wherever possible.

  • There is a very high total cost of ownership which delays return on investment

  • Data warehouse projects are typically slow to implement – impeding the time to value

  • Traditional approaches are complex to implement – so a single business change can take weeks or months to deliver

  • Typical ETL tools require manually intensive steps, putting a lot of constrains on available resources

The Solution


Attunity Compose overcomes the complexity with automation, using significantly fewer resources at lower cost. It automatically designs, generates and populates enterprise data warehouses and data marts, adding data modeling and structuring capabilities inside the data warehouse.

The platform automates the manual, repetitive aspects of data warehouse design, development, testing, deployment, operations, impact analysis, and change management. By simplifying ETL, development and deployment tasks, Attunity Compose empowers BI teams to flexibly deliver timely insights to the business.

Compose delivers ETL automation for an agile data warehouse. IT teams can promptly scope, commit to and rapidly execute on BI projects, freeing up resources and accelerating ROI. Data warehouse development and change cycles are accelerated while ensuring quality and consistency. BI teams gain the time and flexibility they need to focus on reporting and analysis rather than ETL code.

Key capabilities include:

  • Data model-driven data warehouse and data mart generation

  • Real-time source data integration and automated ETL

  • Physical data warehouse management

  • Monitoring / Scheduling / Notifications

  • Lineage and Impact Analysis

  • Migration between environments (DTAP)

Compose is integrated with Attunity’s award winning Replicate technology to provide high speed data loading with CDC capability for real-time analytics. Because of this integration, you can take advantage of an easy-to-use graphical interface to load data without requiring any agents on the source systems.

Additionally with this integration you have broad support to source heterogeneous systems  – including relational databases, mainframe and Hadoop.

Adding Compose to our EDW environment versus our prior efforts is like comparing apples to oranges. We went from taking 10-14 days to build a data mart down to just a single day.

Leading national furniture manufacturer


We had initially planned on 45 days of ETL coding. With Compose we had it completed in 2 days.

Large insurance company


Thanks to Attunity Compose, our ability to make decisions faster and more effectively has increased at least tenfold.

VP Design & Technology, Outdoor furniture manufacturer

We cut implementation costs by 80%, generated ETL code in 1/20 the time normally required, and rolled out a new DW in 3 months rather than a year.  We can now update monthly rather than twice annually.

Global Insurance company

We greatly appreciate the automation and agility it lends our development process, including version control with rollback capabilities. As a growing insurance company, we are managing incredible volumes of data. Being able to analyse it more quickly gives us a competitive edge while the automation saves us months of costly development time and labour.

Leading Insurance Company

Using this solution, we have saved and will continue to save significant time and resources, enabling us to re-focus on higher value initiatives that directly and positively affect our bottom line.”

Software & Data Architect, Outdoor Furniture manufacturer

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