Attunity Gold Client

Streamline and Improve SAP Test Data


Attunity Gold Client reduces enterprise storage requirements, improves the quality and availability of test data, restores development integrity, and reduces security risk for SAP environments

Without Gold Client, we would have had to build two test environments, invest in a full-size copy of the production system and more than double our storage requirements, which would have been very costly

BASIS Administrator, Mercedes-Benz USA

Gold Client allows us to target key data and move it without a lot of effort. In the SAP world, that is simply amazing

Manager, Enterprise Solutions Group Strategy & Support, Northrop Grumman

Gold Client is amazingly versatile and easy to use. We are using for a number of intelligent data transfer projects. It is a valuable tool for any SAP environment

Manager of the Software Management Group, Brown-Forman

Gold Client greatly improves our testing efficiency by removing the need for costly and inefficient full production copies, and allows our SAP project teams to quickly select and copy the exact subset of data they want

IT Director, Room & Board

We have turned to Gold Client to fix issues with sales documents and credit checks, as well as shopping carts in SRM. Now we can pull data back from production to troubleshoot glitches or technical problems in our pre-production systems. Bottom line, Gold Client saves Mentor a lot of time and money

IT Worldwide Order Fulfillment & SCM Solutions Manager, Mentor Graphics

Efficient and Secure


Businesses must ensure that relevant, accurate and current data is available for development, testing, analysis, and training, while still protecting sensitive data.

But creating, securing and managing production SAP data copies with traditional methods can consume excessive resources and delay refresh projects by days or weeks.

attunity gold client solutions
Reduce time & effort with Gold Client

Reduce Time and Effort

Attunity Gold Client software addresses these challenges by enabling IT teams to replicate precisely-defined data subsets across their SAP environments.

  • Mercedes-Benz avoided a 2x storage increase and reduced time spent on QA refreshes by 25 worker days annually
  • Mentor Graphics saved 9 worker days per quarterly refresh, and masked sensitive data to broaden team access to data while ensuring compliance

Streamline Test Data Management

Attunity Gold Client improves the efficiency, cost and security of test data management. Designed to eliminate the need for workarounds, Attunity Gold Client is built with the agility and flexibility to move configuration, master data, and specified selections of transactional data into testing environments.

  • Quickly select, secure, copy and synchronize subsets of only relevant data from production or non-production sources to non-production targets. Build the perfect test client and maintain relevant, accurate and up-to-date data for testing
  • Quickly define and copy transactional data needed from production to non-production targets. Identify, select, and delete non-production data
  • Manage extensive and powerful data transformations through a clean and easy-to-use interface
  • Automate data selection and enable hands-free test data refresh cycles, reducing time and effort for test data management
Gold Client makes it easy to streamline test data
Migrate efficiently to HANA with Gold Client

SAP HANA Migrations

Attunity Gold Client Solutions facilitates the process and decision to adopt SAP HANA. Enterprises can easily select, protect, and copy a reduced and relevant data set to SAP HANA for proof of concept (POC) evaluations.

  • Quickly and securely migrate and synchronize data across SAP applications that are running on SAP HANA in their data center or in the cloud
  • Leverage certified integration with the SAP ERP application running on SAP HANA

Business Divestitures


Attunity Gold Client helps companies divest a business entity from an SAP environment.

  • Sort data by company code, sales organization, purchase organization, plant, warehouse, etc.
  • Surgically export only the master and transactional data that belongs to the divested business unit
Easily divest with Gold Client
Simplify GDPR compliance with Gold Client

Ensure GDPR Compliance


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), set to go in effect in May 2018 for citizens of the European Union (EU), is prompting enterprises to re-think their data management practices.

Attunity solutions can help you attain GDPR compliance, especially in SAP environments.

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