Attunity Visibility

Analytics for enterprise data warehouse optimization


Attunity Visibility provides analytics for enterprise data warehouse optimization and management across multiple platforms, including Hadoop. With Visibility, enterprises can completely analyse workloads and data usage across platforms to reduce costs, optimize performance and justify investments.


Optimise performance and cost. Data usage profiling and analytics. Make intelligent and informed data management decisions

The Challenges


Information Technology (IT) managers are under siege to meet rising business demands while controlling data delivery costs. Enterprise Data Warehouses in large enterprises now routinely reach hundreds of terabytes or petabytes. Hadoop extends the move to multi-platform environments, making it more difficult for enterprises to manage their data ecosystems holistically.

Organizations cannot continue on this path without a prohibitive impact on resource and infrastructure costs. Just as CFOs need data to run their business, IT needs data to run its infrastructure. To make informed decisions, IT needs data about how business users are consuming application and data assets.

In particular, IT leaders need:


  • A single view across multiple platforms,including Teradata, Oracle Exadata, IBMDB2, IBM PureData and Hadoop

  • Mapping of users and application activity to data usage and data warehouse performance

  • Continuous collection, storage, and analysis of all queries and applications against data warehouses

  • Data consumption and workload performance metrics for the entire data warehousing environment

The Solution


Attunity Visibility ties users and application activity to data usage and performance metrics of data warehouses. It continuously collects, stores, and analyzes all queries and applications against data warehouses. They are then correlated with data usage and workload performance metrics in a centralized repository that provides detailed usage and performance metrics for the entire data warehouse. Visibility also monitors multiple data warehouse systems including Teradata, Oracle Exadata, IBM DB2, IBM® PureData™ and Hadoop.

Attunity Visibility is the only solution that provides detailed insight into business activity, data usage and resource consumption so that you can:


  • Measure data usage and user activity by business lines and departments within your organization

  • Identify individual application users and BI reports that impact system performance on the data warehouse.

  • Rebalance data and workloads to the right platform by identifying unused data and resource-intensive workloads

  • Optimize multiple data delivery platforms with an integrated dashboard to diagnose and assess performance bottlenecks

  • Measure and audit the utilization of information assets to make smarter infrastructure investments

Easy to install and manage, Attunity Visibility provides intelligence to identify the most expensive processing, transformations and dormant data – all ideal candidates for Hadoop and in-depth details on how data is used and who is accessing it – which provides insight into ways to improve performance.

Attunity Visibility customers
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Saved $15 million in avoiding unnecessary hardware upgrades over 3 years. Tiers storage on a monthly basis to maintain costs. Provides weekly audit reports to data owners to meet compliance requirements. Responds faster to diagnose and resolve daily performance issues

Global investment bank


We can quickly pinpoint  application usage/ performance inefficiencies, slow reports, and bad  queries to optimize data stores and performance

Deputy CTO Enterprise Data Services, State of New Jersey


Based on actual data  usage activity within  the data warehouse,  and the reduction of  ETL load times, we estimate a saving of  nearly $400,000 per year

Global pharmaceutical firm

We now have unprecedented continuous, end-to-end oversight into our Business Objects deployment …  allowing us to manage our  environment more effectively

Leading US based retail bank

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