Agile Data Warehousing & Data Lake Pipeline Automation

Build a new data warehouse with Attunity Compose. Migrate an existing data warehouse to a new platform. Expand an existing data warehouse with new data feeds. Generate data marts for lines of business. Prototype, perform ad hoc analytics and testing.

Accelerate and simplify the loading and transformation of large-scale data lakes. Deliver data efficiently to any major Hadoop/Data Lake platform.

Accelerate and simplify data warehouse or data lake design, development, testing, deployment and updates

Agile Data Warehouse Automation

A fresh approach to data warehouse automation

Attunity Compose automates the design, implementation and updates of data warehouses and data marts. It minimizes manual, error-prone data warehouse design processes by automating data modeling, ETL generation and workflow.

Data architects can speed up analytics projects, optimize process and reduce risk. Compose flexibly supports either a model driven methodology, guided by business processes, or a data-driven methodology that is based on reporting requirements to easily adapt to new requirements or model changes through the data warehouse environment.

  • Reduce the time and cost of analytics projects on cloud platforms 
  • Quickly spin up, scale up, and iterate a data warehouse
  • Dynamically adjust data sources and models

Business Benefits

  • Accelerate data warehousing projects
  • Reduce risk and ensure consistency
  • Improve business impact of analytics
  • Reduce time, cost and development requirements

Automated creation of analytics-ready data

Your Fastest Way to Analytics-Ready Data Lakes

Attunity Compose for Data Lakes automates the data pipeline to create analytics-ready data.  By automating data ingest, Spark/Hive schema creation, and continuous updates, organizations realize faster value from their data lakes.

Automatically generate the schema and structures in the Hive Catalog for Operational Data Stores (ODS) and Historical Data Stores (HDS) – with no manual coding.

As Compose incorporates Replicate’s CDC technology, you can be confident that your ODS and HDS accurately represents your source system whilst ensuring data consistency by leveraging the ACID MERGE operation, to efficiently process data insertions, updates and deletions while ensuring data integrity and avoiding user impact.

Business Benefits

  • Faster Data Lake operational readiness
  • Reduced development time
  • Reduced reliance on Hadoop skills
  • Standard SQL access for data architects