Centrally Manage Your Transactional Data Pipeline at Scale

Attunity Enterprise Manager is your command centre to configure, execute and monitor replication and transformation across the enterprise.

One Pane of Glass for Hundreds of Tasks.

Centrally Manage Data Ingestion and Replication at Scale

The Challenges

Enterprises today need to rapidly integrate data and metadata at scale across heterogeneous environments for analytics. But managing individual data flows across many end points can be time-consuming and almost impossible without a unified console.

So there was a need among Attunity Replicate and Compose customers to centralize command of data consolidation. A single pane of glass that not only simplified the management of Replicate tasks across large enterprises, but also Compose jobs in the data lake and a way to automate metadata management and its integration.

They needed one enterprise-wide replication console to monitor, analyse and control, that helped to visualize data flows, track data lineage and integrate with ODPi-standard frameworks.

The Solution

Attunity Enterprise Manager (AEM) provides an intuitive graphical interface for the Attunity data integration platform, designed to improve productivity, performance and security. Users can design, execute, and monitor Attunity Replicate and Attunity Compose tasks across large and growing business landscapes.

Featuring a single point of control, AEM helps enterprises scale with confidence. The solution reduces the complexity of large implementations and empowers users with a central dashboard for managing and monitoring large volumes of data ingest and replication processes at once.

Users can also pinpoint and resolve issues to meet SLAs. Augment capacity planning with intuitive historical charts. Access real-time dashboards with KPIs such as task status, errors and percent completion. And integrate with ODPi frameworks for metadata management and governance at scale, across the enterprise.