Simplify Integration with Attunity Replicate

Integrated with Attunity Replicate, the Enterprise Manager provides central management and monitoring of data ingest from thousands of data sources across many Attunity Replicate servers.

Attunity Enterprise Manager is your central command center to configure, execute, monitor and control replication processes across the enterprise.

One Pane of Glass for 1,000s of Endpoints.

Centrally Manage Data Ingestion and Replication at Scale

The Challenges

Today, as enterprises are scaling up data lake implementations, the number of sources from which data is ingested also continues to grow. This scenario has made it challenging for organisations to manage and ensure reliable operations at scale.

“Enterprises are trying to shift from being reactive to being proactive through the use of analytics and predictive response,” explains Stewart Bond, Research Director, Data Integration Software, at IDC. “There is a drive to improve speed and consistency of this while driving down costs. The most successful initiatives will use technology that automates data movement and accelerates the decision-making process.”

The Solution

Featuring a single point of control, Attunity Enterprise Manager helps enterprises scale data lakes with confidence.The solution is designed to reduce the complexity of large implementations and empower users with a central dashboard for managing and monitoring large volumes of data ingest and replication processes at once.

With this capability, enterprises can instantly view the status of their replication servers and tasks with one click in real-time through KPIs, graphs, gauges and alert notifications. Users can customize their views by grouping, searching, filtering and drilling down on key tasks to control complex ingest activities across the enterprise.

Attunity Replicate and Attunity Enterprise Manager work in unison to enable data ingest from thousands of data sources by accelerating, optimizing and managing the complex process of supporting corporate data lakes.

Centrally manage and control multiple Replicate servers and replication tasks

The Enterprise Manager module monitors replication servers and tasks in real-time through KPIs and alerts. You can scale and centrally monitor hundreds of tasks across many Attunity Replicate servers. Customise your views by grouping, searching, filtering and drilling down on key tasks to control complex replication activities across the enterprise.

The module is a critical capability for most enterprise deployments, allowing you to:

  • Consolidate massive data volumes for global analytics, such as Hadoop Data Lakes with Kafka
  • Minimise labor and cost
  • Realise faster insights and competitive advantage