Strategies for Data Integration and Big Data Management

Attunity provides the industry’s most effective data integration platform.  Their solutions enable your organization to deliver data efficiently and in real time to modern architectures.

As the largest and highest-quality provider of change data capture technology for real-time incremental data replication, Attunity supports the broadest set of sources with the highest performance and lowest impact on production operations. Its technology has moved more than 80,000 databases to the cloud, and is widely recognized as the easiest data integration platform to manage given our 100% automated replication process.

Attunity has supplied innovative software solutions to its enterprise-class customers for nearly 20 years and has successful deployments at thousands of organisations worldwide.

Simplicity is the key

Accelerate delivery of any data across the enterprise and cloud

Empower rapid utilization of data by the business

Continuously improve the management of data

Attunity Replicate

Move the data that moves your business

To manage growing volumes of data today you need to rapidly enable data for analytics in heterogeneous environments. Traditional data movement tools are slow and require manually coded commands that can tie up your best programmers.

Attunity Replicate delivers a modern alternative.

It moves data at high speed across all major source and target platforms through a single “Click to Load” interface that completely automates the end to end replication process.

Administrators and data architects can easily configure, control and monitor bulk loads and real-time updates with enterprise-class change data capture capabilities, and can even “hadoop out of the box” without ever writing a single line of code.

Key Benefits

  • Drag & drop configuration
  • Enable real-time analytics
  • Zero Footprint Architecture
  • Reduce skill and training requirements for replication
  • Analytics agility and full mobility across environments on premise and in the Cloud
  • On-the-fly data filtering and transformation
  • Decrease Big Data management costs
  • Hadoop out of the box
  • Realize performance and cost benefits
  • Reduce resources and skill sets required to deliver Big Data projects

Attunity Compose

Attunity Compose automates the creation and updates of data structures to accelerate analytics readiness

The first offering in this solution is Attunity Compose for Data Warehouses, which provides an intuitive graphical interface for the repetitive aspects of data warehouse and data mart design, creation, management and updates.  With Attunity Compose for Data Warehouses data warehouse managers and architects can eliminate 50% to 80% of the manual ETL scripting process, thereby reducing labor and cost while more easily meeting dynamic business requirements.

Attunity Compose for Data Lakes optimize and extend this technology for data lakes, starting with Apache Spark (or Hive), which effectively serves as a data warehouse within data lake environments.  With Attunity Compose for Data Lakes, you can continuously feed Operational Data Stores (ODS) for real-time views, as well as Historical Data Stores (HDS) that track all data and metadata changes. It also speeds analytics projects by automating the design, implementation and updates of data warehouse environments. It minimizes the manual, error-prone scripting processes involved in data modeling, ETL generation and workflow. You can easily adapt to new requirements by auto-propagating source or model changes through the data warehouse environment.

Attunity Compose plays a critical role in streamlining and accelerating multi-zone data pipelines that include data lakes and/or data warehouses.

Key Benefits

  • Design, create and load data warehouses quickly
  • Load and sync data from sources with ease
  • Bypass manual ETL processes to reduce risk and ensure consistency
  • Implement best practices and design patterns for more effective BI projects
  • Automate model design and source mapping
  • Rapidly deliver real-time and analytics-ready data sets from your data lake
  • Automate data warehouse and ETL generation
  • Deploy data marts without manual coding
  • Reduce time, cost and development resources significantly
  • Profile data, ensure integrity & collaborate
  • Analyze impact before applying change

Attunity Enterprise Manager

Operations, Analytics, Control

A third and pivotal offering within the Attunity solution is Attunity Enterprise Manager, which provides a single pane of glass to configure, execute, monitor and optimize data flows across your environment. With AEM you can scale to manage hundreds of end points and thousands of tasks across large on premises, cloud-based or hybrid environments. And with the latest iteration, Attunity has introduced their first version of Attunity Data Validation.

AEM provides analytics of both real-time KPIs and historical trends, for example to support capacity planning and optimize performance.  You also can create and discover operational metadata and integrate with larger microservices environments, for example to enable IT administrators to invoke and execute Attunity Replicate and Compose tasks from third party management frameworks.

attunity enterprise manager

Key Benefits

  • Configure, execute and monitor data flows
  • Multiple data centers
  • On premises and cloud
  • Scale to 1,000s of tasks
  • Historical and real-time reporting analytics
  • Capacity planning analytics
  • Performance monitoring
  • Visually optimize operations
  • Create and discover operational metadata
  • Microservices integration via .NET and REST APIs