Ask IBT – Understanding your NetSuite Licensing

Ask IBT – Understanding your NetSuite Licensing

Q: How do I know how many full user licences I have?

It’s pretty normal to lose track of how many Full User licenses your account has and who is using them. 
Well, it’s pretty easy to check that.

To view/check the Full User license counts, follow these steps:

1. Log in as Administrator.

2. Navigate to Setup –Company –View Billing Information –Billable Components tab. 

3. Check Current Provisioned Qty and Current Used Qty for the Full Access User licenses.

And probably the next question would be, who are the employees using the Full Access license?

1. Log in as Administrator.

2. Navigate to Lists-Employees –Employees . Select View to All. 

3. Sort by Login Access field. YES denotes those employees who have an access to the system and NO is vice-versa.

Hope the above helps.

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