PeopleSoft 9.1 & PeopleTools Support End Dates

PeopleSoft 9.1 & PeopleTools Support End Dates

Hot on the heels of Oracle’s announcement that there will be no further upgrades for PeopleSoft, the firm announced the Support End dates for PeopleSoft v9.1 and v.9.2 as follows:

 Release                        Support         Extended Support
FMS/ESA/SCM 9.1Nov 2009Nov 2014Jan 2018
HCM 9.1(Formerly HRMS)Sep 2009Sep 2014Jan 2018
FMS/ESA/SCM 9.2    Mar 2013Dec 2024Dec 2027
HCM 9.2                         Mar 2013Dec 2024Dec 2027

* In April 2016, Oracle amended its dates for support, and these changes are reflected above

PeopleTools Support Policy
PeopleTools ReleaseGeneral Availability DateGeneral Patches and Platform Certifications Delivered Through (12 Months After GA of Next Release)Date CPUs Delivered Through
PeopleTools 8.54July 11, 2014December 4, 2016December 4, 2017*
PeopleTools 8.55December 4, 2015June 9, 2018June 9, 2019
PeopleTools 8.56June 9, 2017TBD – Based on the GA of the next releaseTBD – Based on the GA of the next release

*PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.54 will release the last Critical Patch Update in December 2017. The 8.54 PeopleTools client will continue to be included with the update images until further notice, however, Oracle will cease all testing on 8.54 at that time.  While you can use 8.54 after December 2017, if you encounter an application maintenance issue, Oracle may not be able to provide a fix. Oracle recommends upgrading to the latest PeopleTools release.

PeopleSoft/Oracle has said that 9.2 is the last major upgrade they will offer in an attempt to keep the application relevant in a rapidly changing hosted and cloud based world. Instead of costly upgrades, minor updates and improved functionality will be available via PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUMs). Users will be able to choose which patch they want to update instead of having to load all and sundry, as they would via Maintenance Packs and bundles currently. The system also selects any pre-requisite changes at the same time, so nothing important is missed.

The costs will be covered by your normal maintenance agreement, so that million or so dollars you thought you might need to eventually upgrade to the next version, can be put to good use in other ways. However, it is probably more important than ever to have a patching strategy and plan in place.

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