What we integrate, upgrade, configure, customise and maintain

Not every company has moved to the cloud, so it is not just NetSuite we support. As Oracle Gold Partners, our Enterprise Services team help our customers get the most out of their Oracle PeopleSoft systems, whether they upgrade or not.

Today’s PeopleSoft delivers continuous innovation with new features, functionality, and enhancements across the applications suite

Professional Services:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Systems Implementation and Enhancement
  • Systems Upgrade
  • Specialist Systems Integration
  • Strategic Consulting & Project Management
  • Support & Maintenance

Helpdesk Support & Maintenance:

The aim of all support systems is to always be available for that critical system issue as soon as it arises.

To do this, the system has to be able to tell the difference between a genuine issue and one that is not. In our experience, users just want a problem to go away and are not concerned if it is a real issue or not. So the process needs to take that into account and provide answers not just questions, therefore maximising the efficiency of the whole process rather than complicate and slow it down.


We provide a number of hours at a fixed rate. All hours are recorded individually against specific tasks and we will not proceed beyond any defined hours without seeking sign off.