Iconic Motoring Organisation

Iconic Motoring Organisation

Iconic motoring organisation chooses Attunity

A leading motoring and insurance organisation was seeking a robust software solution that could capture defined changes in its source systems and replicate those changes as sanitised data to its AWS analytics environment.

The Needs / Challenges

  • Capture changes in real time from Oracle Enterprise Edition 11g & 12c, DB2 and MS SQL
  • No loss of transactions
  • Be easy to maintain, scalable and secure
  • Able to monitor all CDC data flows from a single pane of glass
  • Able to rapidly configure new source and target endpoints
  • Negligible impact to source business applications
  • Must have visibility on processes currently executing, and executed, as well as audit logging and management

The Solution  

  • Attunity Replicate – Oracle, DB2 iSeries, MS SQL Server to Amazon Redshift

The Results

  • After a successful proof of concept, the organisation is going live shortly utilising the latest version of Attunity Replicate with the added advantage of have no agent software installed on its DB2 iSeries instance, improving performance and reducing complexity