Top 3 Federal Government Department

Top 3 Federal Government Department

One of the largest and most diverse Australian federal government departments, responsible for the development of service delivery policy and provision of access to social, health and other payments and services.

The department wants to modernise its reporting and analytical abilities and make use of streaming technologies for business users.

The Needs / Challenges

  • Capture changes in real time from DB2 zOS mainframe and replicate data to Teradata and then downstream to Kafka
  • Negligible impact to source business applications
  • Must have visibility on processes currently executing, and executed, as well as audit logging and management

The Solution  

The Results

  • After successfully trialling Replicate with DB2 LUW in the cloud, the department chose to roll out the solution to replicate data from DB2 zOS mainframe on premises. They will soon begin testing replication from IMS, VSAM and SQL Server sources
  • QLIK account management vastly sped up the procurement process from what could have been months to just a few weeks
  • Timeframe from initial conversation to sales order was a mere 8 weeks