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12 Keys to Successful Cloud ERP Implementations

12 Keys to Successful Cloud ERP Implementations

IBT’s NetSuite Tech Expert on what to expect and how to prepare In this article, Jebin Varghese covers the questions you need to ask to accurately assess your company’s readiness to digitally transform its operations and processes. His insights are drawn from the lessons he learnt managing over 50 NetSuite ERP implementations, customisation projects and...

Attunity Data Integration platform expansion supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Breaking News: Attunity Expands Data Integration Solutions for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Overnight Attunity announced the expansion of its Data Integration platform to include comprehensive support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), including Google Cloud Storage and Google Dataproc. The expanded solution supports data movement from major enterprise databases and mainframes, as well as applications such as SAP, to accelerate cloud data lake adoption as well as analytics...